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The best training for recruiters by a country mile. The content is exceptional and the implementation tracking technology has dramatically improved billings. I also love the fact that we can remove and add our own training content for recruiters, managers and directors. Pure genius. Joe Wells, MD, Wells Tobias

Your Recruitment Training Solution

World class training and development tools for recruiters, managers and directors. No cost to white-label the platform to your company brand and no cost for adding your own content alongside 100+ hours of ours.

Recruitment Training
Recruitment Training
White label to your brand

Your recruitment training platform can be fully branded and tailored to reflect your own recruitment company.

Recruitment Training
Manage your own content

Fully manage the recruitment training content, including uploading unlimited amounts of your own content to make your recruitment training platform bespoke to your business.

Recruitment Training
Personal development plans

Whether you are training a new group of recruitment consultants or refining your management team skills, you can manage bespoke personal development plans for each user.